From the outside, the Futos appeared to be a normal family. But to those close to the inner circle, they were anything but. And the story of what went on behind closed doors laid the groundwork for a horrific crime. 

You drive into Fredericktown from the north and you are struck by its beauty. Nestled in the northeastern foothills of the St. Francois mountains, the first sight you see is God's Country Cowboy Church. With just over 3,000 residents, this was Norman Rockwell's small town America.Until it wa…

ST. LOUIS ( -- The cartridges sit in neat rows, perfectly spaced to fill every inch of three wooden shelving units. Each one represents hours, days, sometimes weeks of someone’s childhood; a wall of history stretching back to 1985, acquired and preserved through discipline and diligence.

It’s 4 a.m. in Jupiter, Fla. Roads are empty, everything in the waking world is closed and the searing Florida sun is still over the horizon. But in apartments across from the Roger Dean Stadium complex, the Cardinal catchers are readying for work.

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