Local teen asks best friend with Down Syndrome to prom

Gracie Schwents, left, asks friend with Down Syndrome, Jacob Brooks, right, to prom (Credit: KMOV)

Prom season is what most high school students cannot wait for. From picking the perfect dress, limos, and ‘promposals’, students go through great lengths to make their night memorable.

A North County High school decided to take her best friend, who has Down Syndrome, to prom this year.

Junior Gracie Schwent and Jacob Brooks have been friends for less than a year but are described as inseparable.

“Sometimes I'll go down and see him in his classroom, and make sure he's having a good day,” Schwent said.

On Thursday, Gracie surprised Brooks by asking him to prom.

And of course, Brooks said yes.

Brooks’ parents, Wayne and Jeanie, couldn’t contain their emotions after finding out about Schwent’s proposal.

“I teared up, because he's being treated like a normal child, normal kid. He's never had that kind of attention on a date,” said Wayne Brooks.

His parents said he’s never had a friend like Schwent before.

“I can't even describe the feeling of seeing him so excited and get the chance to have a date to prom like everyone else,” said Jeanie Brooks.

The junior plans to make prom night special by taking Brooks to his favorite restaurant and an ice cream date before the dance.

“He's a very outgoing kid, and he deserves a chance just like everyone else. And I just thought I'd take that chance and ask him to prom,” said Schwent,

Brooks has already picked his tux out with a pink bow tie to match Schwent’s dress for the big day in April.

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