Local school district adds cameras to side of buses

Cameras are being installed on Cahokia School District buses to enhance student safety. Credit: KMOV

You may have noticed during your morning commute that roads are getting more crowded as schools go back in session in both Missouri and Illinois.

News 4 has a warning for drivers who might get impatient behind school buses. One school district is making sure you don't put students in danger.

Minutes count for Trina Brown, who sometimes cringes during her morning commute when school buses are around.

"It's going to take me longer to get past them. I am a home health nurse, so on the go all day," said Brown.

She tells News 4 she always stops.

But, the Superintendent of Cahokia School says some drivers like to go around. He's made sure all of his district's buses have cameras on the sides, front and even on the inside.

"If we have anybody trying to go around the bus, we get a tape of that and turn that over to police to let them take action with those people," said Superintendent Art Ryan.

Rosa Bequette believes the cameras are useful near Camp Jackson Road.

"It is crazy for speeders and everything. There are accidents there all the time. We see it all the time," said Bequette.

It might seem a bit much to have six cameras on the inside and outside of a bus, but the superintendent says it is all about student safety.

"I'll tell you what! The first time we ignore it and a kid gets hit by a car and goes to the hospital or something worse happens, no one is going to think it is too severe or too extreme," added Ryan.

Ryan also credits cameras for ensuring student accountability.

"Every year, we have a situation where a student decides to go off with a friend and gets off at a different stop without telling anyone. We can kind of monitor and say 'there he is, he got off at this stop and not that stop," added Ryan.

Superintendent Ryan told News 4 it's rare to hear of a driver striking a student at a bus stop though cars pass buses every day. He wants the cameras, which have been in use a few years, to remind drivers that waiting a few seconds for a bus is better than hurting a child.

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