ST. LOUIS ( -- Now that indoor dining is temporarily banned in Illinois and Missouri, some restaurants that tried curbside service are stopping out of safety concerns while others are determined to keep up and running.

Vicia, a restaurant in the Central West End has ended its curbside pickup and is one of a growing number of restaurants in the area deciding to discontinue that service to make sure their employees don’t get the coronavirus.

One restaurant owner who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina and she said if she can survive that, she'll survive this latest storm too.

The owner of Basil Spice restaurant wants to be there for people cooped up in their homes, eating leftovers.

"For people that still want something different each day in their life and if they're interested in Thai food they still can get that from here," Somying Tantayanusorn said.

Like other restaurants, Basil Spice can no longer have customers inside but is offering curbside and delivery service. Nearby residents in Tower Grove East and Tower Grove South are trying to keep the customers coming.

"A lot of us are buying gift cards to support the restaurants. Many of us are doing takeout which has been really popular on the Facebook pages,” Julie Bruenger said. “So I think we're all just trying to do our part."

For safety's sake, workers and delivery drivers are keeping their distance. Workers are washing their hands frequently and using gloves. This isn't the first time the restaurant owners faced tough times.

"In New Orleans I went through Hurricane Katrina and lost everything,” Tantayanusorn said. “And I lost a house and I lost all my belongings."

Some restaurants, like cafe Natasha's, right across the street, have decided to discontinue the curbside service because of safety concerns. But the owner of Basil Spice is vowing to keep going and ride out this new and different storm.

"And I believe this time we can get through it too,” Tantayanusorn said.

To complicate matters, the owner says her suppliers are having trouble getting workers to come in and won't be able to make any deliveries.

So she's doing the shopping herself to make sure her restaurant has what it needs to keep making meals to be delivered.

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