ST. LOUIS ( Large groups of stunt motorcyclists are taking over the St. Louis roads for an event billed as the Ride of the Century.

However, the 16th annual event has caused some to question why it happens as it seems to put people in danger as riders travel throughout the city.

The motorcycle riding event is known for showcasing riders who do stunts. The group is based in St. Louis and prides itself putting on a spectacular show for the community including children. 

WATCH: Stunt riders on four-wheelers, dirt bikes causing safety concerns on downtown streets

A participant, who goes by the name Wheelie TV, tells News 4 all riders are safe, have people to slow down traffic as the biker approach intersections and the bikes go only 40 mph.

"Well, I haven't seen no tickets this year, so apparently everyone is being law-abiding citizens this year," said he said.

Cellphone video shows the riders zip through downtown and catches them rush pass a Police SUV with two officers sitting inside. 

"Well, I think it is a bit ridiculous because i think someone is going to end up getting hurt," said tourist Colby Vail. "It's a red light and they are stopping traffic and going through multiple red lights."

St. Louis police investigated a crash Saturday evening on Broadway Street between Clark Avenue and Walnut Street involving an ATV rider.

Ronald Duckworth was involved in the crash.

"He saw the officer, so took off into this exit path and tried to squeeze in between me and the booth before he got stopped," said Duckworth.

News 4 was on scene when the crash occurred and attempted to talk to the rider. He declined to comment. 

The rider was taken into custody.

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