ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. ( -- News 4 is hearing more complaints about a trash company servicing thousands of customers in St. Louis County.

Meridian is contracted by the county to provide trash pick up for more than 24,000, but residents have been reaching out with a series of complaints as frustration grows along with the piles of garbage going unremoved.

Resident Kathy Tempel still has leftovers from her Thanksgiving dinner in her trash can, even though Christmas is two weeks away.

“I've called numerous times. The first time I did get a representative. She assured me they would be here by 6:00 that evening but it never happened,” Tempel said.

Monday St. Louis County’s Health Department met with Meridian representatives, pushing the trash company to improve service.

In Florissant, Mayor Thomas Schneider is pushing for the company to get back on track and had a representative speak at a city council meeting on Monday.

On two previous occasions, the city attorney in Florissant notified Meridian they were in breach of the contract signed with the city for failing to pick up trash on time.

A spokesperson for the company said the amount of complaints is “minuscule” compared to the number of households Meridian services. They also say more than 1,700 households in Florissant haven’t paid their bill and the company is now enforcing payment more strictly than before.

“I'm looking into that but I know there has been a change of leadership at Meridian. They have changed hands, different leadership came in, different drivers, different route supervisors,” said Mayor Schneider, adding he’s cautiously optimistic the new leadership could turn things around. “I have a gut feeling Derek Stanley might be able to pull it off so I'm willing to give him a fighting chance.”

However, if things don’t change, he said the Florissant will put out requests for proposals for other companies and declare Meridian in breach of its contract.

In St. Louis County, Meridian is one of four companies awarded five-year deals to remove trash for districts in unincorporated communities. A spokesperson for the county says they still have three years left on their contract with Meridian.

For its part, a Meridian spokesperson said they aren’t understaffed, but said the holiday and inclement weather has impacted their service.

Meanwhile, residents are left with all the waste they can’t get rid of.

“You pay for service. We're at the mercy of the county because it's not our decision who picks it up,” said Tempel. “I would just like to have the service that we pay for.”

If you would like to report a complaint or are having trouble with your service, email

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