(KMOV.com) - What if you could change to a different car every week, day, or even hour?

That’s what local car dealership, Lou Fusz, is offering through a program that allows users to order cars on demand.

It’s called Lou Fusz Select.

“If you are going out on a hot date, we might have a convertible for you. If you’re doing yard work, we have a truck for you,” explained Patrick Fusz of Lou Fusz Automotive Network.

You order the car through a mobile app and it arrives at your door about an hour later.

Fran Coughlin was one of the first to sign on.

“Halloween was last night and we wanted to do a little hayride with our kids, so we set that up,” he said. “And then today I needed a more fuel efficient car to be my daily driver, so I swapped it out for a little four door sedan.”

Lou Fusz wants users to change their cars to fit their plans.

It comes at a cost of $550 as an initial sign on fee, then an additional $995 a month.

Insurance, maintenance, and car washes are all included, along with a full tank of gas with every car delivered. There's no personal property tax because technically the cars aren't yours.

Coughlin says for him, it's worth it.

“I did some initial math and the price it’s a pretty good value for what you're getting,” he said.

Users also have to pass an initial credit and background check.

The concept picking up speed in the St. Louis area.

Local dealer Jim Butler also launched a similar service in October, offering several memberships starting at $795 per month.

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