Local company Arch Apparel uniting St. Louis through clothes

Arch Apparel is making it easy for St. Louisans to wear their heart on their sleeve. Credit: KMOV

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) – With a little ink and whole lot of love, the clothing company Arch Apparel is making their mark on St. Louis.

“It was nice to bring this product to our city because it kind of united us as a community, as a city just through cloth,” explained Jo Jo Prapaisilepa, one of the founders of Arch Apparel.

The locally owned and locally made t-shirt company started just a year ago, with a group of friends who shared a passion for their city.

“We began online, some friends got together and decided it'd be a good idea to provide some options for our city,” explained Aaron Park, one of the other founders.

One thing you might be surprised about is the face that while Arch Apparel was born in the city of St. Louis, it’s founders weren’t. But they’ve all adopted it as their hometown.

“It reminds me a lot of where I’m from, there's a strong sense of community, there's a passion for our sports, and supporting local and I think everybody as a unit kind of builds together, our city has been through some tough times and were trying to rebuild and do some good things for our city,” said Park.

Park is originally from Australia. He came to St. Louis to study abroad, met his wife and ended up staying. Prapaisilepa is originally from Chicago. They both wanted their shirts, and now other items like hats and coffee mugs, to be a way to share their pride of St. Louis with others.

“We fell in love with this city for a reason, for myself we came from an immigrant family, came from Thailand, without St. Louis we wouldn't have a place to call home,” said Prapaisilepa.

And while the clothing company is named for our most popular landmark, they’re not just seeing the love here in the Lou, it’s spreading across the country and the world.

“St. Louis is a little off the radar sometimes, we feel great about our city and we love it so if someone can wear it in their new hometown much like this is my new hometown, I think it’s great for everyone,” said Park. “It’s a good way to represent our city and show how much we care about it.”

You can find Arch Apparel items at the following stores: JuJu Bees, Blush, Jeans Jackets Jewelry, The Bridge, Paisley, Too Blue, the Budshop at Ball Park Village, the Budweiser brewery and on their website.

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