Lincoln Project Hawley ad

ST. LOUIS ( -- "Josh Hawley is public enemy number 1," said Lincoln Project founder Reed Galen. "Incredibly, he even beats out Ted Cruz!"

Galen grew up a Republican voter, and worked for George W. Bush and John McCain. But those days are gone.

Long gone.

He has since turned his focus to the new GOP, one led by what he calls "MAGA patriots," targeting them with ads from his political action committee, a group formed by fellow former Republicans.

"There is this rapidly shrinking wing of the Republican party, which I was a proud member of since I was a kid. But now there is the Trump wing. It is rising, and sadly it will be dominant for a long time," Galen said. "And certain people, like Josh Hawley, are going down that path for nothing but political reasons."

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For Galen, the events in the Capitol this week that left five people dead are just another tipping point. He had written before the election that "Every Republican elected official, staffer, consultant, operative and sympathizer will face a choice: my party or my country?"

But it's not just Josh Hawley in the crosshairs of the Lincoln Project.

"Hey, we cranked out more than 300 ads last year," Galen said. "But this ad is very special. Nobody deserves this ad more than Josh Hawley."

The Kansas City Star editorial page claimed Hawley has blood on his hands after this week's riot. Galen agrees, and he wants the Missouri senator held accountable.

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"Yes, he has blood all over him. We want him to leave his office, being humiliated by either resigning in shame, or being expelled by his fellow senators," he said. "He didn't deserve the public trust before, and he certainly doesn't deserve the public trust now."

Lincoln Project ads have a massive reach. They have more than a million email followers and more than five million social media followers. They depend on donors, and donations are pouring in.

"This week was just another example," Galen said. "Politically, this was a win for the MAGA gang. Violence was successful. They owned the Capitol. My fear is they will not stop."

To Galen, "they" starts with Hawley.

"There is no way for him to back pedal now. He is all in. He was their first and brightest star in this vote fraud fiasco. He even beat Cruz to the stage. He had to be the most MAGA guy he could be," he said. 

So what will the Lincoln Project do with all that donor money? More commercials targeting Josh Hawley.

"If we are successful, Mr. Hawley will not be around," Galen said. 

News 4 reached out to Senator Josh Hawley for his side of this story. Mr. Hawley did not respond to any requests for comment.

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