(KMOV.com) – A former Riverview police officer is filing a lawsuit months after he was injured when a man drove into a Eureka bar.

READ: Officer fears he will lose job after being injured when car crashed into Eureka restaurant

Keith Messmer’s attorney, has named Poor Richard’s Bar and the alleged driver, Christopher Zotta, in the lawsuit.

Zotta is charged with DWI with serious physical injury and leaving the scene of an accident with serious physical injury. Police say Zotta crashed into the bar in late March before backing out and driving off. He was arrested a short time later.

Messmer and his attorney allege Poor Richard’s Bar over-served Zotta alcohol.

“If someone walks into your bar, starts drinking and you keep serving them, and they get visibly intoxicated, civilly, you are liable,” said Messmer.

“It a good lesson too. If you serve the over-served and the drunk goes out to hurt someone like Keith, you are getting sued,” said Messmer’s lawyer Bill Holland.

Messmer said he suffered lasting injuries.

“I flew forward, clearly through the bar. My leg was tucked. I can’t bend very well right now. The knee was tucked under the bar stool,” Messmer said.

He said he was immediately worried if he would keep his job as a police officer.

“How much sick time you have with all of that, my thought process was ‘I don’t have a lot. They did what they could,” he said.

He lost his $45,000 a year job. He said he is coping with an injured knee, back, five herniated discs and doctor’s appointment after doctor’s appointment.

The owner of Poor Richard’s Bar said his lawyer advised him not to comment on the lawsuit.

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