Tensions flare as alderman proposes cuts to STL parking division

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A St. Louis city judge Thursday ruled that two statues which govern parking and parking meters in the city are not constitutional.

Judge Michael Stelzer ruled that statutes 82.482 and 82.487 are void and unconstitutional under Missouri’s Constitution.

City leaders, though, say that does not mean you should stop feeding your meter. Parking functions will continue like normal, though control of the functions could likely transfer.

Those two statutes provided the authority for a body called the Parking Commission to perform various functions, including governing the disposition and collection of the any parking violations in the city.

The decision came from a lawsuit filed by Director of the Streets Department in the city and others.

The move means that the Board of Alderman could have more control over the parking meter functions, rather than an authority created by state statute.

It also creates the potential to increase general revenue for the city, should local city leaders chose to do so.

“It’s a great victory for home rule in St. Louis,” said City Counselor Julian Bush.

News 4 is making calls to various city leaders.

The St. Louis Treasurer's Office later released the following statement:Reviewing the ruling but the state has already indicated they would appeal.This is a developing story. Check back for further updates.

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