Judge: No official ban on Confide app, but lawsuit against Greitens' use continues

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens delivers the annual State of the State address to a joint session of the House and Senate, Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018, in Jefferson City, Mo. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

At least one Missouri lawmaker is pointing to the actions of Governor Greitens staff person as part of the reason she believes he should resign, amidst other allegations.

News 4’s report last week revealed an audio recording in which a woman claimed Governor Greitens took a picture of her in a compromising position, and, according to the woman in the recording, said to her that the picture would be everywhere if she mentioned his name.

Greitens has admitted to the affair but denied any other allegations.

News 4 has also received a separate audio recording between one of the main lawyers on the governor's staff, and Al Watkins, the attorney representing the woman's ex-husband. It was a phone call that occurred on the same day but prior to News 4 airing our initial story

In it, General Counsel Lucinda Luetkemeyer tries to get information from Watkins about potential media coverage.

Luetkemeyer said, “Is your client talking to anyone in the media right now?”

“My client is doing what I am helping my client do, and that's all I will discuss with you,” Watkins said.

The call goes on for nearly 20 minutes.

“Whatever occurred or was alleged to have occurred was clearly private between two families and two separate people,” Luetkemeyer said, before Watkins interrupted her.

Then later she said, “Are you implying that there's an allegation there that something wasn't consensual?”

Watkins responded, “I am telling you I have heard in the voice of a third party, the assertion that's the case.”

Since then, people have raised questions about whether a taxpayer-funded staffer should be making such a call.

The call is referenced in one statement from Republican House Member Marsha Haefner from Oakville released Tuesday.

She wrote: "When a man cheats on his wife, it's a family matter. When the Governor of Missouri cheats, then allegations of victimizing his mistress, blackmail, bribes and his taxpayer-funded employee involves herself in questioning the attorney for the accuser follow, it becomes a state matter. This is the situation we find ourselves in today. I find no pleasure in saying this, but I believe Governor Greitens is no longer fit to hold Missouri's highest office."

News 4 has not reported on any bribes, as referenced in the statement.

One legal expert says the call Luetkemeyer made may not be all that important.

“I frankly think it was such a brief conversation she only did it once then referred to a personal attorney, as a result, I don’t think it’s a big deal,” said Ken Warren, a local political analyst.

Luetkemeyer did not respond to News 4’s requests for comment.

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