LAKE ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( - A St. Charles County woman who was shot by a St. Louis-area man in Tennessee with a violent past is wondering why he was out of prison in first place.

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Lake Saint Louis resident Lori Johnson was wounded on Interstate 24 in Coffee County, Tennessee on Sunday. She and her mother were on their way home from Georgia where they were visiting her daughter.

Traffic started to slow down and minutes later, Johnson says a man with a gun walked towards her car and shot her.

"He turns around, looks straight at me stone cold and just shoots at me, wanting to steal my car, and at the moment when he shot me, I had no idea I had even been hit," she said.

Panicked, Johnson says she hit the gas and drove to the nearest exit. With her hand wounded, her mother made a tourniquet as they waited for paramedics to arrive.

"Not only was I in unbelievable pain, I kept looking at my hands and my fingers are basically dangling there," she said. 

Johnson said the shooting has left her traumatized.

"I'm almost afraid to even fall asleep. I'm afraid to close my eyes, all I see is that face and him pointing the gun at me," Johnson said.

Police later identified the shooter as D'Angelo Dorsey, from St. Louis. Authorities say he killed three people, including himself, and wounded three others. He led officers on a 100 MPH chase before crashing and taking his own life.

Dorsey has criminal history in the St. Louis area dating back to 2011 when records show he was charged with armed robbery in Ferguson. While on probation two years later, he was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon.

According to documents, Dorsey was sentenced but only served a year in prison before being released. Attorney Lynette Petruska says he should have been on parole until 2023.

"There's usually conditions of parole and one of them would typically be that you can usually leave the state, but you have to get the permission of the person who is supervising you," Petruska said.

Dorsey's parole officer chose not to comment on the matter when contacted by News 4. St. Louis County prosecutors said they are looking into this case and Dorsey's past charges.

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