LAKE SAINT LOUIS, Mo. ( -- A fight between a Walmart employee and a customer led to shots being fired into the air inside the Lake Saint Louis Walmart in St. Charles County Wednesday night.

Robert Charles Johnson mugshot 3/12/20

Robert Charles Johnson, 60, was charged with assault and armed criminal action after police say he fought a Walmart employee and fired his gun inside the Lake Saint Louis store.

Robert Johnson was charged with assault and armed criminal action. 

Police said Johnson was at the Walmart on Ronald Reagan Drive in Lake Saint Louis Wednesday night. Witnesses told police that Johnson was cursing and highly confrontational with store workers. 

The arrest report states that Johnson went to the self check-out and berated an employee about the lack of cashiers. The employee allegedly told Johnson that he is "not a manager." Police said Johnson then responded with, "You're just another [expletive] in my way."

Police said surveillance video shows Johnson approach the worker and punch him in the face, then the employee punches him back. The two then fought each other. Once the fight stopped, police said Johnson reached into his pocket and pulled out a handgun, pulled the trigger but the gun did not fire. 

Police said Johnson then chambered another round as the store employee held down Johnson's arm to keep the gun from being pointed at him. Another employee came over to help and tried to wrestle the gun from Johnson. 

Johnson fired the gun again, police said, narrowly missing the first employee's head. The second employee eventually pried the gun from Johnson's hand.

Officials with the St. Charles County Ambulance District said the employee and customer got into a fight when one of them pulled out a pistol and shot into the air while inside the store. Police said the loss prevention employee then wrestled the customer to get the gun out of his hands. The customer suffered minor injuries during the fight.

In the arrest report police said, "Johnson's actions recklessly endangered the lives of innocent people and caused panic as people were forced to run out and away from the store. Johnson was clearly the initial aggressor in this incident."

The shooting happened around 7:40 p.m.

On Thursday, Robert Charles Johnson, 60, was charged with assault and armed criminal action. 

Police said the employee is a 58-year-old man.

The Walmart is located at 6100 Ronald Reagan Drive.

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