Phishing scams targets metro east  bank customers

(Credit: KMOV)

Police in Kirkwood are warning residents about a new phone scam in the area involving Walmart and the Internal Revenue Service.

According to police, the phone number from the scam will show up as the Kirkwood Police telephone number on caller ID. The caller will claim to be an IRS agent and inform you of delinquent taxes owed from a previous year. The caller will then tell you to go to your local Walmart, obtain a money gram for the owed taxes and sent it to a certain address.

The Kirkwood Police Department advises residents to hang up if they receive this call and to not send any money or provide personal information. The IRS will not contact you by phone and request personal information or payments of any kind.

Residents are urged to call the Kirkwood Police Department at 314-822-5858 if they receive this call, or to contact the IRS to verify if they have an actual tax issue.

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