Kim Gardner sworn in as St. Louis' first African American Circuit Attorney

It was a historic night in the City of St. Louis Friday as Kim Gardner was sworn in as the city's first African American circuit attorney.. Credit: KMOV

It was a historic night in the City of St. Louis Friday as Kim Gardner was sworn was as the city's first African American circuit attorney.

Many high level officials, including Congressman Lacy Clay and St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson, were on hand to see history in the making.

The Old Courthouse was the perfect setting for Friday night's significant ceremony due to its historical significance.

"Right here where I stand in the Old Courthouse, is where we had the Dred Scott case which is important to me as an African American," said Kim Gardner.

Now that Gardner is officially sworn in, she said she already knows what she wants to tackle first.

"We are not tolerating violent crime. It has to stop. People prey on our communities, prey on victims and witnesses, causing havoc we have to stop that," she said.

Gardner said she wants to expand her role as prosecutor and go beyond the police reports that cross her desk.

"Our role has expanded post-Ferguson. We have to look at how we are diverting these individuals to mental health court diversion programs, focus on how we can prevent the next criminal act in our community."

Gardner said she is ready to hit the ground running.

"I know there is a big task before me, it's really surreal, but at the same time I am about doing the hard work. I am about the business and a lot of the fanfare, I appreciate but it's about doing the job," she says.

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