CRAWFORD COUNTY, Mo. ( -  A jury in Crawford County unanimously agreed that a man was justified in shooting and killing his neighbor in Bourbon, Missouri last year.

Tuesday, a jury of six Crawford County residents decided justifiable homicide is the means by which Justin King died on Nov. 3. The purpose of the inquest is to help the coroner reach a judgment in how King died. The results of the inquest doesn't determine if the county prosecutors will press charges, but can have some impact, according to Crawford County Prosecutor David Smith.

Crawford County Sheriff Darin Layman confirmed he selected the six residents for the inquest. He said the residents were from Crawford County but not Bourbon, where the killing happened. The Crawford County Sheriff's Office initially announced on Facebook in November that the man who shot and killed King did so out of self-defense.

Following the announcement, local chapters of the NAACP held a press conference with the King family demanding more transparency from law enforcement.

During the inquest Tuesday, several law enforcement officials and witnesses testified on the incident. Video evidence was also shown. Crawford County Coroner Darren Dake didn't allow any recording devices inside the courtroom, including cell phones.

Surveillance footage from King's trailer, which was enhanced by the FBI, according to authorities, showed King entering his neighbor's residence, leaving, then quickly entering again upset. The shooting happened moments after King reentered. Authorities said King was shot three times, in the leg, thigh and chest.

The man who authorities said shot King was brought in for questioning shortly after the shooting. The recorded interview was shown to the jury. The man claimed King broke into his house and broke several TVs. Law enforcement officials corroborated that several TVs were broken inside the shooter's home, but no video evidence was shown during the inquest. Nor was home surveillance footage from the shooter's trailer, which authorities claim to have.

No explanation was ever given on why King went to his neighbor's trailer, but the man told authorities during questioning that he believed King was high from taking pills. The man also said he tried to scare King with his gun and aimed at his legs, but he alleges King kept charging him even after he was shot in the leg.

"This is not over. It's far from over," said John King, Justin King's father.

John King told News 4 he was disappointed in the lack of transparency by Crawford County officials, including the sheriff selecting the jurors.

"Of course, he's going to select six people that are going to corroborate what he thought happened," John King said. "Justin went inside the house, obviously, he was irritated about something. If he ripped the television off the wall and threw them, show me the fingerprints. The prosecutors say the fingerprints are smudged."

Testimony revealed that toxicology reports show that Justin King had THC and meth in his body. Several authorities said the shooter gave Justin King a marijuana cigarette, including the shooter himself. When questioned by law enforcement, the shooter said the marijuana wasn't laced. Smith told the King family during a recess at the inquest that no evidence of the marijuana was recovered.

One witness, Katherine Bosek, testified that before the shooting, Justin King helped her look for her dog, and then Justin and the shooter helped her start her car. She claimed she told authorities that Justin believed the shooter would kill him in earlier conversations. Sheriff Layman later refuted that. Bosek also claimed Bourbon Police Chief Scott Zwetow moved Justin's body without checking for any signs of life.

"Why didn't anyone check his pulse?" she said.

Dake told News 4 it's unlikely for charges to be pressed after Tuesday's decision.

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