Judge denies motion to throw Harvard professor off Greitens case

News 4 has learned that Gov. Eric Greiten's defense team has filed a motion to disqualify Harvard Law professor working on Governor's case. (Credit: Harvard Law School)

Update: On Monday, March 26, Judge Rex Burlison rejected a motion filed by the Governor's defence team to have Harvard professor Ronald Sullivan removed from the case. He also denied a motion to have the case dismissed.

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News 4 has learned that Governor Eric Greitens’ defense team has filed a motion to disqualify the Harvard Law professor working on the Governor’s case.

Greitens faces one count of felony invasion of privacy.

Earlier this month News 4 told you that Ronald Sullivan Jr., a Harvard Law professor, had been hired by the Circuit Attorney’s Office to work on the case.

Sullivan was brought on to work exclusively on the Governor's case. He's being paid a prorated annual salary of $120,000.

Now, the Governor’s defense team alleges that the hiring was improper. Their motion further argues that the Circuit Attorney’s Office may have committed a misdemeanor by doing so. The motion says that Sullivan also defends criminal cases in other parts of the country. It alleges that's not allowed under Missouri law.

"The Circuit Attorney's attempt to privatize this prosecution is a blatant departure from the role of public prosecutor and established procedures of and protections," the motion reads.

A spokesperson for the Circuit Attorney's office says prosecutors disagree. Prosecutors point to an area of law that allows for up to seven special prosecutors to work under the Circuit Attorney.

The spokesperson said that the defense claims were just "another form of harassment towards the prosecution."

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