HERCULANEUM, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- A Jefferson County man says his homeowners association is discriminating against him for his Cherokee Indian heritage and he plans to fight back. 

Dan Mosley lives in Herculaneum, about 30 miles southwest of St. Louis. He tells News 4 his HOA is upset about wood carvings in his yard and a custom-made mailbox, which includes a wooden carving of a raccoon and eagle. 

“They’re there to point out my pride and my heritage, being a descendant of the Cherokee nation," said Mosley. “A lot of people come by here and stop and say, 'We love your yard, we love your carvings.'”

Mosley said his great grandmas were full Cherokee Indian and his grandma was half Cherokee. He also says the eagle represents strength and is his spirit animal. 

Mosley said the wood carvings have been in his yard for years and were never a problem. He received his first letter from his HOA earlier this year warning him that 'lawn statutes' are unapproved. Mosley refused to move them, so he was fined $50. 

“This is Herculaneum. This is not Frontenac. This is not Ladue. If they are moving in and they want the kind of manicured lot you get in a subdivision in Frontenac, it’s not gonna happen because most of the people here are blue collar,” Mosley said. 

Mosley admits he told his HOA in September that he would move the statutes from his front yard, but changed his mind. Instead, Mosley moved them from his lawn to the walkway leading to his driveway hoping that would solve the problem. 

A letter from the attorney representing his HOA said it will take legal action if the wood carvings are not moved within 10 days. 

News 4 made multiple attempts to reach the HOA and is waiting to hear back. 

“I was born in the motor city of Detroit. I don’t start fights, I finish them. I’ll come at you just like the eagle would come at you with my claws if you start a fight with me," said Mosley.  "I hate to use this word but Hell will freeze over before I’ll take down my mailbox.”

Mosley tells News 4 if the HOA ends up suing him, he will sue them right back, for discrimination.

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