Paris-John Devine

JEFFERSON CO., Mo. ( -- A Jefferson County man pleaded guilty to several federal charges on Monday.

Paris John Earnest Devine, 26, of Jefferson County, pleaded guilty to carjacking, use of a firearm, and conspiracy to possess and distribute meth.

Police say, on September 28, 2017, a man left work and drove to a MetroLink station searching for marijuana. Here he ran into Devine and Ramone Thomas who both said they could help him get some.

The man invited them to get in his car, in which he drove around with them for a little over half an hour. The three stopped at a gas station when Devine held the victim at gunpoint and carjacked him, authorities say.

Both Devine and Thomas left in the car.

In a separate incident, during the late hours of October 10, 2017 and early morning hours of October 11, Devine joined Kathleen Hydar, Courtney Brown, Raymond Seay, and another unknown passenger in an attempt to steal large amounts of meth, money, and guns from a trailer, federal authorities say.

The trailer belonged to Chad Coffman who was contacted by Hydar to see if he was going to be home, authorities say. When they arrived, they kicked in the door.

Shortly into the break-in, Coffman came home. Hydar noticed and fled with the unknown passenger in the car. The rest of the group was still in the trailer when Coffman arrived. They then attempted to flee.

Authorities say Brown tried to shoot Coffman while leaving, but missed and hit Thomas, who died as a result.

Officers arrived and searched Coffman’s trailer, where they say they found him in possession of approximately five pounds of meth. Several hours later, the police found and arrested Devine.

Coffman pleaded guilty and was charged with possession with intent to distribute, and Devine who recently pleaded guilty will be sentenced on May 14.

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