FESTUS, Mo. (KMOV.com) - Family members of residents in one local nursing home say they are living an unending nightmare.

News 4 has reported about the dozens of positive patients at Festus Manor nursing home in Jefferson County.

A number of people have contacted News 4 they still want more answers about what’s going on inside, and they even want the state to step in.

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“Its just been God awful,” said Lisa LaRose, whose parents live at Festus Manor.

The nursing home has seen more than 60 coronavirus cases among residents, which includes LaRose's mother. Her father is also sick.

“I am afraid that he’s going lay there and die of pneumonia if somebody doesn't do something,” LaRose said.

She says she’s not getting answers and she’s worried for their care.

“My mom has laid there a couple times in the last week or so, and I know its been more than that, laying in her waste for hours on end, not being changed. She’s totally bedridden and that’s unacceptable,” she said.

Staff members of the nursing home have also reached out to News 4 on the condition of anonymity.

“It has gone through that building like fire,” said one staff member.

Another staffer writing to News 4 saying ,“I don’t want to die” and “the place is filthy.”

25 staffers have tested positive.

Pictures submitted to News 4 show the room where staff are required to change their personal protective equipment (PPE). The clean equipment is being cross contaminated with the dirty, according to staff.

“I want somebody to go in and find out what’s going on. I want the state to come in, they need more help in there,” said LaRose.

News 4 reached out to a spokesperson for Festus Manor. They sent a lengthy statement, reading in part "the safety and health of our residents and employees remains our top priority."

They say they have provided training for use of the PPE. They have also provided housing for staff members to eliminate chances of exposure and they have separated COVID-19 positive patients from the rest of the facility.

LaRose says she knows staff are trying, but at this point, she’d like her parents transferred.

"My parents are in their right minds. What’s happening to the other ones that are not,” she said.

LaRose says her dad was tested for the virus, but the test wasn’t submitted to a lab for several days.

Staff members say a number of the residents have died, one staffer said they have had to help carry out bodies.

But both the Jefferson County Health Department and the management at Festus Manor would not confirm how many residents have died.

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