SOUTH ST. LOUIS CITY ( -- A young woman is recovering after she was shot in her car coming home Wednesday morning.

The woman says she isn't sure if these men wanted her car or her wallet, but they almost took her life.

The woman's boyfriend, Spencer Sickmann, is trying to understand how his beautiful, hardworking girlfriend is sitting in the hospital with a bullet centimeters from her heart.

"You heard about this happening, you hear the gunshots even but you never really imagine it's going to be you or someone you love and its just been...its turned our world upside down," Sickmann said.

The shooter is still at large and that is why News 4 is not revealing the woman's last name.

Around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday, Olivia was coming home from work at Hartford and Arkansas in the Tower Grove East neighborhood.

She started to put her car in park, but two people got out of their car in front of her wearing bandanas covering their faces. One of them pulled out a pistol and ran up to her window.

She tried to drive off, but the suspect fired a gunshot.

The bullet went through her shoulder and went all the way down into her heart. It landed just 4 centimeters outside of heart, next to an important artery.

She drove away and went to a gas station on South Grand where she called 911. 

About an hour later, another carjacking with two suspects with a gun forced a man out of his car on Hampton in the St. Louis Hills area.

Police have not said if the two incidents are connected.

Sickmann, however, is thankful for the support pouring in for his girlfriend with a GoFundMe page he started.

"Luckily she's a healthy person, but then something like this happens, which is totally out of her control and we're left with a bullet hole and a bullet and tens of thousands of dollars," Sickmann said.

Police tell News 4 they are searching for area surveillance video of the crime.

At this time, police do not have a detailed description of the suspects who are responsible.

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