ST. LOUIS ( - Tyrone Perry says the last month has been a pain his family can’t escape.

Briauna Henley

Briauna Henley

“Yes we’re grieving, yes we’re hurt, yes we’re confused, yes we’re disappointed that our daughter is no longer here,” said Perry.

He raised his niece Briauna Henley since she was 3-months-old. He says it took the breath out of him when he learned she was murdered last month.

“It’s like a gut punch, it’s like someone walked up to you and socked you in the stomach, it takes all the air out of you,” said Henley.

St. Louis police say they found the 24-year-old shot to death in her car, near Aubert and Page Avenue.

Police say 25-year-old Kevin Brown was also inside the car, dead of a gunshot wound.

Henley’s family believes she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Bad things happen to good people,” said Perry.

But Perry says the other agonizing fact about this case is that Henley’s 3-year-old daughter was in the back seat at the of her mother’s murder.

“What she has said is real clear, 'Mommy was shot and killed,” said Perry.

Perry says now that police have hit a standstill on leads, they are hoping someone can give detectives a clue to close the case.

“Someone has to have the courage to speak up and speak out,” said Perry.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is asking anyone with information on this case to contact them.

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