'It's insane'; Busch IV neighbor frustrated by helicopter landings

August Busch IV (R) and and scene of the helicopter landing in Swansea (L) (AP Photo)

Neighbors of August Busch IV say they're now worried for their safety, after the former head of Anheuser Busch's high profile arrest this week.

One woman News 4 spoke with says Busch often lands his helicopter in their residential neighborhood and she is blaming officials for allowing it.

“You’re concerned for our safety?” asked Investigative Reporter Lauren Trager. “I'm concerned for everybody's safety,” said the woman.

The woman asked not to be identified. She lives in the same Huntleigh neighborhood as ex-Anheuser-Busch CEO August Busch IV.

She says she's repeatedly seen, and heard, Busch's helicopter fly low overhead and land on his property.

“Maybe four times in a day,” the neighbor said.

He’d fly so low, she says: “I might be able to take a rock and hit it,” she said.

The wind, she says, is like a tornado. The noise is annoying. It bothered her before, but more so now.

Busch was arrested in Swansea Monday, after he started to get into the helicopter parked on a business lot.

Officers say he appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance. They say he was rambling and even running sprints.

Officers recovered prescription drugs and guns from the chopper.

The woman believes, had he not been prevented, Busch would have been headed home that night.

Does that make you wonder what could have happened?” asked Trager.

“Oh, it could have been horrible, we all could have been incinerated,” the neighbor said.

And she wonders why he ever landed a helicopter at home.

"Do you think he should have been allowed by the county or the city?" Trager asked. “No, not ever, it's insane. It should never have been allowed,” she said.

News 4 tried reaching Busch at his home and contacted his lawyer, but never got a response.

Another question is do other communities allow helicopter landings and take-offs on private property?

The FAA says that regulations regarding where you can land a helicopter really depend on where you’re trying to land it.

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