AFFTON, Mo. ( -- Two videos laced with racial slurs were posted online and now are being investigated by the Affton School District.

The videos have the voices of two white girls using racial slurs and curse words to taunt two African-American students walking nearby. Three of the students attend Rogers Middle School and the fourth attends Affton High School District in the Affton School District.

“It's disgusting," parent Earline Earnest said.

The videos were posted on social media last week but according to one parent, they were also sent to the majority of black students at the school. The parent also said they’re proof of an ongoing problem of racial bullying going on at the school.

“Something that the black girls have been experiencing, ongoing since 2017," A. Smiley said.

The mother of one of the girls heard on the video said what her daughter did was wrong. Candice Hausermann said her daughter has been the victim, suffering insults and threats, and was reacting to the anger and frustration she felt.

The Affton School District released this statement about the incident:

We are deeply disappointed that any of our students would be involved in making a video involving racist language. Although this did not occur at school, it has quickly become an issue that we as a district and a community must address.

While we have certainly had to investigate and respond to individual incidents of inappropriate language and use of racial slurs in the past, having a video posted in such a public forum requires a very direct approach. To be clear, there is no excuse or explanation that is acceptable for behavior or speech that promotes racism. This is not who we aspire to be in our community nor does it support the core values we teach in Affton School District.

While we are unable to comment specifically on an ongoing investigation, discipline policies will be followed and the consequences outlined in our Code of Conduct will be applied as warranted. Affton School District is committed to addressing the concerns being raised by our students, parents, and community.

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