ST. LOUIS COUNTY ( -- A man is currently behind bars for a quarter of a century for killing a St. Louis County mother in front of her children.

The man convicted of killing Porsha Owens is Mark Haywood.

Police say in 2018, Haywood wanted the car that Owens was driving, a white Dodge Charger.

He waited for her while she left her with her three children. He approached her with a gun and demanded her keys and money.

When she turned around that's when Haywood shot her.

Family members of Haywood told News 4 back in 2018 they do not condone his actions and that he’s been in and out of juvenile detention centers since the age of 10.

The victim's mother does not believe its enough and she believes justice was not fully delivered.

Porsha’s mother, Yeyette King, says the last two years have been agonizing.

She puts it frankly that justice wasn’t served in her daughter’s case.

She says the sentence that Mark Haywood entered at the Clayton Justice Center wasn’t enough.

He plead guilty to second-degree murder and first-degree robbery and will serve 25 years.

King says her daughter's murder still feels unreal and she's upset with the plea.

"It crushed me. I was already torn from the fact that my daughter was murdered and not with us and then when they gave him the sentencing of 25 years, my heart just dropped,” said King.

Porsha's family did say that Haywood apologized during the sentencing, but he did not give a reason as to why he killed her.

Since Porsha's death, her mother has taken in Owens' three children.

“They’ve cried and all I can do is grab them and hold them,” she said

A GoFundMe was started after her death, raising more than $240,000.

The funds have been a blessing during unbearable times, King says.

“God bless you all, that has helped with the kid’s daycare, it’s helped with feeding them, clothing them,” King said. 

To donate to the GoFundMe, visit here.

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