TOWN AND COUNTRY ( - A local woman says she couldn't believe it when she realized there was a loaded hand gun inside her rental car!

The woman, who preferred to be anonymous, told News 4 that from the start she wasn't too impressed with the rental car she was given while her car was in the shop.

But as she was driving the Volkswagen, she tried to adjust the seat, but it was jammed. Only later did she find there had been a hand gun under the seat, which ultimately ended up on the floorboard.

Alarmed, she alerted the Town and County Police Department, who told her it was loaded and the safety was off.

“It could have gone off and hit me or someone driving next to me,” she said.

So she contacted the south St. Louis County Hertz rental car location.

“They finally called back and said it was an accident, so they are very flippant about the way they are handling this,” she said.

They didn't even ask for the car back. Disappointed and concerned, she says that the company's checks and balances just didn't work.

“I think they have a responsibility to respond to a customer for something this serious. It's not like it was a piece of candy or something, it was something pretty serious,” the woman said.

News 4 went to the Hertz on Lindbergh, but was told we'd have to call corporate.

A spokesperson there sent a statement, saying in full:

“Our customers' safety is extremely important to us and we are investigating."

The woman says she hopes no one has to make a discovery like this ever again.

“If it fell into the hands of someone who had bad intentions, or if a child got it, I think they need to do something,” the woman said.

Town and County police tell News 4 they have made contact the gun's lawful owner, who had mistakenly left it inside the car when she'd rented it out.

Officers call it nothing criminal, just a case of carelessness.

But this is a good reminder to not leave guns unattended and if you rent a car, check under the seats.

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