ST. LOUIS ( -- A local woman touring a potential rental home for her disabled son was seriously injured when the porch steps collapsed.

So who's responsible? And who will pay her medical bills?

“Pain, just pain, I am hurting real bad,” said Phillis Burns.

The 67-year-old now needs a walker and medical care.

The home she was looking at for her son in north St. Louis is now roped off. The stairs collapsed with Phillis standing on them.

“We come down the steps, we get to the second step and the porch just collapsed,” she said.

Stunned, Phillis says she knew she was hurt right away.

“You know, I was like, 'Oh my god, I was shaking so bad,” said Phillis.

The house, she says, wasn't in good condition and she told the man showing it to them.

“Like I told him, ‘This is a slum house. Why are you trying to rent this house to my son?’” she said.

Now, several weeks later, she's being told she'll need surgery. But who will pay for her bills?

Real estate broker Laura Wehnes says it's not often someone's injured on a tour of a new or rental home.

“Sometimes we will be notified ahead of time, but we would just make a comment like, ‘Hey this hasn't been lived in, be careful,’” Wehnes said.

But real estate experts and lawyers agree, it would be the property owner's home insurance who'd have to pay up.

News 4 went to the listed address for the rental property's owner, Richard Bibbs.

The man at the home didn't want to say anything.

Later, off-camera he told News 4 that we had the wrong person and said Phillis was lying.

Phillis, though, confirms he is the man who showed her the rental property.

“It stresses me out,” Phillis said. 

She says she never believed something like this would happen to her.

“I will just be glad when this is over with,” Phillis said.

Phillis has a lawyer and has filed a lawsuit against the property owner.

Experts say you've got to have property insurance. It protects you and anyone who might be visiting your home.

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