ST. LOUIS ( -- A shortage in new cars caused by the pandemic could leave some people missing out on a Missouri tax break for buying and selling a car.

Missouri calls it the 180-day credit. If someone sells their car and buys a new one within 180 days, they only pay sales tax on the price difference.

The deadline for Nancy, who lives in Jefferson County, is fast approaching but her new car isn't being delivered at the same speed. She sold her car and ordered a new one five months ago. Since then, she's been waiting on her new SUV with the dealership pinning the continued delay on the global shortage in car microchips.

"We don't know where to turn," Nancy said. "This is something that's necessary, that we saved up for. We just assumed we could order it and a few months it would be in, but it's not turning out that way."

Nancy says she was banking on the tax credit to help offset the price of her new car. "We're still waiting hoping that a chip is in it and that it comes before the time runs out on our sales taxes," Nancy added.

News 4 Investigates reached out to the Missouri Department of Revenue. A spokeswoman responded with an email asking for specific questions and stating she'd work on getting answers. News 4 sent questions, but as of Wednesday night, we haven't heard back.

Delays in new cars aren't going away soon if you ask Londoff Chevrolet owner John Londoff Jr. "I never ever, ever, even thought we'd have an issue like this," Londoff said.

His car lot is typically packed, but these days it's full of more open spots than cars. "Normally we would have 500 new cars and trucks on the ground, maybe 550, we've got 40," Londoff said.

He says it goes back to microchip shortages, with no clear end date in sight. Londoff says some car models are picking production back up, while others are facing delays at least into next year.

"I would tell consumers not to sell their vehicle until they have their new car," Londoff advised.

Waiting to sell her car is a road Nancy can't take anymore, leaving her asking the state for more time. "We can't be the only ones caught in this situation," she said.

The Missouri Automobile Dealers Association has been pushing for an extension to the 180-day credit. At this point no changes have been decided with the state.

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