ST. LOUIS ( -- He's a felon accused of taking money from multiple St. Louis homeowners, and failing to provide any work.

Donald Harralston operates Multiple Trade Solutions, a company that's been active in St. Louis over the past year.

"It started from a hail storm," said Kim Ursery of Spanish Lake.

Ursery says she hired Harralston's company to install a new roof, but after paying $5,500, no work was performed.

In Jennings, Rena Nelson claims Harralston took $27,000 to remodel her home, but failed to the job. Nelson calls Harralston a "piece of crap." She adds, "Donald said he would burn my house down" and claims Harralston made the offer as an attempt at insurance fraud.

Nelson added, "he said he had done it multiple times."

In Florissant, another customer, Latosha Harris, says Harralston also advocated insurance fraud. Harris said, "he wanted me to take the back of a hammer and start beating my siding, start beating the window to make it look like hail damage." Harris paid Harralston's company $2,300 and claims no work was performed.

All of these woman have filed complaints with the Missouri Attorney General's Office.

According to the Missouri Attorney General, Harralston has been convicted of more than 20 felonies and 12 misdemeanors ranging from drug offenses, forgery, stealing, financial exploitation of the elderly, and deceptive business practices.

In 2018, Harralston was sentenced to 10 years for financial exploitation of the elderly, but he was resentenced to 5 years probation in 2019 after completing a drug treatment program.

On October 4, Harralston was arrested by the Bridgeton Police Department at a Wal-Mart. According to police, he was in possession of a stolen gun. According to Missouri state statute, convicted felons can't lawfully own a weapon.

Attempts to reach Harralston for comment were unsuccessful.

The Missouri Attorney General's Office has filed a motion to revoke Harralston's probation.

Harralston was recently arrested again and is now sitting in the Jefferson County jail with no bond.

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