ST. CHARLES, Mo. ( -- Would you know how to spot a water or flood-damaged vehicle?

A News 4 viewer says he bought one in St. Charles and doesn’t want others to make the same mistake.

Mike Bland purchased a 2013 pickup with just over 80,000 miles from Auto Centers, located along Interstate 70, earlier this month.

“After a week of driving the truck, I noticed rust in weird places,” Bland said.

The rust was clearly visible in the seat tracks and various parts of the interior.

Jay Grosman is the CEO at I Auto Agent, a company that helps consumers buy and sell cars. He says he always recommends an independent third party inspection prior to purchasing a used vehicle.

On Monday, Grosman inspected Bland’s truck and found mud under the seats and confirmed the rust discovered by Bland.

Grosman also noticed rust in the engine compartment along with underneath the vehicle.

"This thing has been submerged in water. I don’t know if it’s a flood but it’s been sitting in water of some sort," Grosman said.

Grosman checked the vehccle's CARFAX, but it didn’t reveal any accidents, flood damage or a salvage title.

He noted, “Keep in mind they (CARFAX) are only going to report what’s been reported to them.”

A manager at Auto Centers in St. Charles tells News 4 they would never knowingly sell a vehicle with water damage to a customer.

The manager agreed to meet with Bland later this week and plans to offer a refund or another vehicle.

The Auto Center’s manager also told News 4 if the vehicle is water-damaged the dealership might have recourse with the auction house where the vehicle was purchased.

Both Bland and the dealer are now working toward a resolution.

Bland says he will never buy another used car without getting an independent inspection from a third party.

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