WEBSTER GROVES, Mo. (KMOV.com) – Minor injuries were reported after a firework appeared to misfire at the Webster Groves display on the Fourth of July.

The City of Webster Groves said 11 people were treated and released from the scene after fireworks in the 20 minute show after a mortar shell exploded improperly.

Another fireworks show was planned for Saturday night, July 6th, but the City of Webster Groves have decided to cancel.

"Our primary focus is always the safety and welfare of the individuals that choose to attend our programs and activities. We are committed to a full, complete and transparent review of everything that occurred on July 4. We must determine that every possible safety measure for this venue be reviewed and implemented to assure the safety of our spectators," said the city.

Videos on social media appear to show a firework exploding close to the ground. Those who were at the fireworks show said a firework apparently misfired.

"All of a sudden, this firework just shot really low to the ground and we could hear the crowd on the infield let out an audible 'Oh!' We were unclear what had happened," said Ben Lyons who was watching with family and friends from his front yard across the street.

Rachel Shepard, who attends every year as a family tradition, captured it on her cell phone.

"You could hear people screaming. In the video, you can hear it, people screaming, and then everyone started to run because they got scared," said Shepard.

A picture on social media shows a firework exploding in the crowd, right around families.

"Not too long, an ambulance came down so we figured there were some injuries," said Mickie Reeves, who was watching from her front yard.

The show abruptly ended after the mishap.

"It just happened so fast and then everybody tried to get out," said Shepard.

"The last firework went off and it seemed like there was confusion," said Lyons.

It's not the first time the Webster Groves Community Days fireworks ended that way. In 2016, all the fireworks accidentally got set off at the same time.

"It was a reminder that they are dangerous, we are exploding stuff every year and it's fun, but I feel bad, I hope everyone is OK," said Lyons.

The fireworks company, J&M, issued a statement on the incident, saying a shell malfunctioned:

"J&M Displays, Inc. was presenting a fireworks display in the town of Webster Groves, MO on July 4th when a 3” shell malfunctioned causing another shell to fire close to the crowd. Spectators affected were treated at the scene with minor injuries and released. Following standard safety protocol, J&M Displays ceased firing the rest of the show. The source of the shell malfunction is being investigated."

News 4 reached out to Webster Groves police and fire departments but have not heard back.

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