Imagine a Better St. Louis: Resourcing Ground Zero

Resource Ground Zero is a program by Better Family Life to help underserved neighborhoods in St. Louis. Credit: KMOV

Better Family Life recently launched an initiative to help poor, crime-ridden neighborhoods.

The program is known as Resourcing Ground Zero. It targets neighborhoods such as Wells-Goodfellow, which is plagued with violence, drugs and prostitution. Many residents say they’ve had enough.

“I don’t live in Ladue, I don’t live in Clayton, I don’t live in St. Charles, but I certainly don’t want to live in a jungle. Because the way it seems to me, this is a jungle and I want something done about it,” said resident Bernice Jones.

Johnson reached out to Better Family Life. James Clark of Better Family Life is working in the neighborhood.

Clark said Resource Ground Zero is working so far.

“We have had at least eight people we have taken off the stroll, taken them right off the street corner and taken them into rehab, so now they’re able to start the hard journey of weaning their bodies off if drugs,” Clark said.

Every Tuesday, Better Family Life and its partners bring resources to neighborhood, such as job help and medical testing. Clark also regularly meets with Johnson and her neighbors.

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