HOUSTON, TX (KTRK/ CNN) -- A video of a 5-year-old girl being comforted by a Houston police officer during a protest this week has gone viral.

In a sea of more than 60,000 people these two lives crossed paths. Simeon Bartee said he and his wife decided that they would take their 5-year-old daughter Simone with them to attend the march for justice in honor of Houston-native George Floyd.

"We have a history of police brutality in my family too, so you know, we were just going out there to raise awareness and I wanted to teach her at a young age to have a voice," said Bartee.

He says towards the end of the march, Simone started getting emotional and that's when she approached one of the Houston officers standing in a line 

"She asked him, 'Why do you have on this outfit? Are you going to shoot us?"

He says the officer then got down on one knee, wrapped his arm around simone

"We're here to protect you, OK?" the officer said as he kneeled down, wrapping his arm around Simone. "We're not here to hurt you at all, OK. You can protest. You can party. You can do whatever you want. Just don't break nothing."

Bartee adds that he wish he caught the beginning of the conversation on camera.

"Because that's when he spoke about him having a daughter himself and wanting to make it home to his daughter. You could tell that everything came from a very genuine place."

This video now has nearly three million views. The family said it was a moment of compassion and empathy that touched their hearts and countless others.

"So I think that's where it's going to start us being compassionate on both sides. And right now I think the world is relearning equality and I think this moment here and the moment we captured on the video, is a beautiful start," he said. 

And now they have just one more message for the Houston Police officer

"Thank you, thank you for giving me a different perspective."

The Bartee family also plans to attend the public memorial for George Floyd next Tuesday.

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