ILLINOIS ( -- Some News 4 viewers said they've had problems getting their Illinois Firearm Owner's Identification or FOID card renewed.

A gun advocacy group said it’s a problem affecting thousands.

Glenn Rogers is a retired police officer. He said after 10 years his FOID card was due to expire so he tried to renew it online.

“I started in October. I figured it would be a simple flow, but it hasn’t been,” Rogers said. “It’s been difficult. There’s no renewal button. It’s not even earthly possible for you to renew.”

He said he can’t get through to anyone to even ask for help.

Illinois has some of the nation’s more restrictive gun laws. The head of the Illinois Rifle Association said there are 2.3 million people across the state with FOID cards and thousands are having problems renewing them.

“We’ve had several customers come in and tell us they’ve been waiting on the phone for 20 or 30 minutes and then it just disconnects,” Steven King, with Metro Shooting Supplies, said.

Without a FOID card hunters can’t legally hunt.

“They can’t even look at a gun today without a FOID card,” King said. “By law we have to have a FOID card presented to us before we can show you the ammunition or the pistol.”

The Illinois State Police said they are aware of long standing issues and are working to upgrade its technology by next year to have new and better phone system in place.

“Whatever you’ve done for the driver’s license, do for the FOID card,” Rogers said. “I was able to renew my license and get a new ID in less than 10 minutes.”

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