Illinois family says hemp oil has medical benefits after son becomes seizure-free

Kiana and Aaron Algire say hemp oil has helped theie son Silas. Credit: KMOV

Modern medicine is changing our lives. Some believe natural is still the way to go. Illinois lawmakers are talking about legalizing production for hemp, a form of marijuana. A Centralia couple swears hemp oil is keeping their toddler seizure-free.

Meet Kiana and Aaron Algire their son Silas. Silas celebrated his second birthday Wednesday.

"We first noticed his seizures around one," said Kiana.

Around 14 months, one doctor said the toddler was having breath holding spells, so mom and dad got a second opinion.

"Mother's intuition I guess. When doctors diagnosed him fully with it, the doctor said you're taking this pretty well, I assume you figured this was epilepsy. I was like 'moms know their kids, so," added Kiana.

Kiana says Silas was having at least two seizures a day. "Even though they are not shaky, or have him flipping all around, it is still a very terrifying experience," added Aaron.

Doctors put Silas on Trileptal. The seizures slowed but never stopped.

Kiana thought about natural medicine, which led her to CBD oils.

After a couple of months of researching the CBD oils, the Algires discovered all it takes is one dose. not much bigger than a grain of rice, to keep Silas seizure-free for an entire day.

"He was like a flower. He just kind of bloomed from there," added Kiana.

There are few laws on the books regarding CBD oil in Illinois.

Kiana and Aaron hope Silas' improvement shows the oil can help.

"It was nice to see him actually try to talk, be able to play and not lay on the floor every hour or two," added Aaron.

The Algires hope with Silas' story being told, it triggers a change in the state.

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