CAHOKIA, Ill. ( -- A Metro East car dealership is under investigation after News 4 viewers complained about PayLater Auto Sales.

Tangery Turner said it took seconds for two men, who she believes where hired by Paylater Auto Sales in Cahokia, to steal her car.

“My car was parked right here in front of my house, as I was coming out they was hopping into my car,” Turner said.

News 4 first told you about her complaints in September, when she said the used car dealership sold her a car that had a number of mechanical issues.

Turner had the Chevy Equinox for a few days, and she says she hadn’t had time to go register with her insurance company because the car had already broken down.

“Any car lot that I ever been to, you have to have insurance before you drive off the lot so insurance wasn’t the problem,” she said.

For months, dozens of pay later consumers called News 4 with similar stories.

Many alleged the owners are selling defective vehicles, failing to offer refunds, and refusing to pay for or fix repairs.

“My car note was due yesterday, but they stole the car before the car note is due,” Turner said.

The Illinois Attorney General Office said because of the number of complaints they’ve received, they are now investigating.

Currently the BBB said they have more than 50 complaints on record against this dealership.

When we first reported on these issues the owner refused to speak with us.

Tuesday we reached out again to the owner Stephen Fults, who told us over the phone his company is doing nothing wrong. He later hung up on us when we asked more questions surrounding recent allegations.

Other individuals reached out to News 4 saying they were sold the same white Chevy Equinox, that Turner was sold. They allege the SUV had similar mechanical issues.

The Illinois Attorney General’s Office is encouraging victims to contact them to make a report.

They’re also encourage consumers who need to file a complaint to do so by calling the Attorney General’s Consumer Fraud Hotline at 1-800-243-0618 (1-877-844-5461 TTY) or by visiting the Attorney General’s website.

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