ST. LOUIS ( -- One of the officers who pleaded guilty in connection to the assault of an undercover St. Louis detective testified for the entire day Monday, as a witness for federal prosecutors.

Randy Hays pleaded guilty to one county of deprivation of constitutional rights for his part in an attack against Luther Hall during the night of Jason Stockley protests in 2017. Hays is awaiting sentencing. Three officers, Dustin Boone, Steven Korte and Christopher Myers are facing trial together in the beating. Another officer has also already pleaded guilty

In testimony Monday, Hays said he struck Hall multiple times with his baton. He said Hall was not resisting arrest physically or verbally. He admitted that he had previously said otherwise.

"After hindsight and recollection, I was in the wrong." Hays said on the stand, upon being questioned by defense attorney Scott Rosenblum.

Hays testified to seeing Korte kick hall in the face, but not Boone or Myers. He said he recalled Boone near Hall's head with his knees on his shoulders and his hand on his head.

Hays said the day after the assault, officer Myers admitted to destroying a "video" or cell phone.

Prosecutors also entered additional text messages into evidence, where Hays and Boone discussed wanting to apologize to Hall. In the text, Hays said "[Hall] could have announced himself at anytime and he wasn’t complying. Nothing we haven’t done. If it was a protester it wouldn’t be a problem at all." Boone replied, "correct."

Hays was then asked by prosecutors if Hall resisted at anytime or if officers observed him breaking any laws, to which Hays responded "no ma'am" both times.  

Defense attorneys for the three officers, however, attempted to poke holes in Hays' testimony all day. Each defendant has their own attorney and their own defense strategy. 

For example, one attorney made it clear that Hays never saw Boone hit or strike Hall. 

Hays' testimony and cross-examination lasted the entire day. 

The trial started last Monday and is likely to stretch on for the rest of this week, if not longer. 

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