PINE, Co. ( -- What would you do if you suddenly found yourself eye to eye with a big black bear in your house?

A Colorado couple is recovering from that exact, unnerving encounter after a man had to fight off a mother bear inside a home.

Their surveillance video captured the mother bear skillfully sliding open a screen door and entering the house with her cubs while Jon Johnson and George Ann Fields were in the basement.

They heard noises and came upstairs, seconds later, Johnson was face to face with momma bear.

"She swatted me in the nose. When she swatted me, then I turned around and I punched her in the nose. She took some swipes here,” he said, pointing to his arms. “A swipe on my chest."

As Johnson fought for his life, Fields grabbed a baseball bat and started swinging, hitting the bear at least three times.

"And all I remember honestly seeing was this big brown blob in front of me,” she said. “And I whacked that bear as hard as I could. Both hands. You would've thought I was a Louisville slugger."

Johnson was bleeding profusely, his nose nearly ripped off, with deep scratches on his forearm and stomach.

"And I hit this floor as hard as I could and she bolted for the door," Fields said.

At one point, the bear ran into a wall leaving a head-shaped crack.

The couple says a bird feeder on their porch may have attracted the bears.

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