ST. LOUIS ( -- A St. Louis committeeperson is banged up, bruised, and stitched after becoming one of four carjacking victims in a short timespan this week.

Joe Palm, who is a Democratic Committee member in St. Louis, was carjacked in the city’s West End neighborhood Monday.

"I thought I was going to die,” he said. “I thought I was going to die here and my brother was murdered two years ago."

Palm said one of his attackers drew a gun, and then another began to beat him.

"The guy has a gun pointed at me. While he had the gun pointed at my face, he was really close, the other guy took his pistol and started pistol-whipping me," he said.

The beating was enough to require stitches. The attackers demanded his keys, then they made sure he couldn’t call for help.

“He said give me those phones. You are not going to call anybody," Palm recalled.

Palm was hurt and bloodied and went in search of aid. A neighbor, alert enough to answer a frantic knock on the door, helped.

"I had my shirt on, it was soaked with blood. She was holding a bloody shirt. My pants were bloodied along with my underwear and socks. It was blood everywhere,” Palm said. “He put the pressure on my head. She probably saved my life."

Palm will make a full recovery, but said he feels a deeper pain for the city he loves.

"I've tried to help this community. My whole life! I have lived in that neighborhood my whole life. Man, something has to be done. This is my third time having an interaction with a gun in the city," Palm said.

He said one time he was approached by someone with a gun was while he was with his entire staff.

Palm’s vehicle was recovered in the Metro East. He said he has faith in city officers, but said prosecutors are not doing enough to keep criminals off the streets.

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