ST. LOUIS ( -- Emily Weber has been collecting memories her whole life and has always wanted a quilt made out of her t-shirts.

“My third grade teacher got me the David Eckstein t-shirt,” Emily Weber said.

So for a high school graduation gift, Emily Weber’s Aunt Barbara got her a quilt, 35 pieces of her memories all stitched together.

Emily Weber stolen quilt

Emily Weber describes the quilt that was stolen in a photograph.

“Periodically, she would throw me a shirt and say ‘this needs to go on my quilt’,” Barbara said.

The package with the finished quilt was supposed to be delivered on Tuesday. The Webers said the package was dropped off Monday, but never actually showed up on their porch.

“We never saw it, my mom is here during the day, at lunch she’s making lunch, watching the news, looking for the mailman,” Emily Weber said. “I feel like I’ve been robbed, like part of me has been robbed.”

Some of the shirts in the quilt are from trips her dad took while he was employed in the Navy.

“Like the shirts my dad got me, they meant so much because I realized he was missing me as well when I was missing him," Emily Weber said.

All the family has now are the memories and a picture the quilter sent. The quilt is marked with a Walt Disney quote on the back: “All our dreams will come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

The Weber’s are now hoping their daughter’s dream quilt will come back to them,

The Webers said they filed a police report and then turned to social media, hoping the power of Facebook will help return the quilted keepsake.

They are offering a reward for the quilt and they said they just want it back, no questions asked.

“It would mean a lot to me if someone would return it,” Emily Weber said.

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