NORTH ST. LOUIS ( -- A woman who wants to go by Serena Jones for her safety said she’s seeking justice after being shot, robbed and left on the street.

The suspects are still on the loose. 

"I didn’t know I had gotten shot," Jones said.  

She tells News 4 while making a run for snacks at a Quick Shop One Market on Natural Bridge Avenue on a January evening, she was violently attacked.

"I met a lot of good people in North City, but there are also a lot of not good people there and they like to come out at night," Jones said. "They like to target people that are vulnerable, I believe that night that was the case."

She said her memory is fragmented from that night, but she said it started with a disagreement with a man inside the store.

"Maybe I did say something to him when I saw him with that gun, I’m the person that would have said 'what are you doing, are you crazy?'" she said.  

She said the man pulled his gun, firing one shot that grazed her ear.

She immediately took off running out of the store and across the street to a Family Dollar.

"At some point this man followed me out of the store and shot me in the back," Jones said.

Jones said she blacked out after being shot, lying on the ground for hours. At some point, someone robbed her, taking her cell phone.

Jones said police have had no leads and that witnesses who were there are unwilling to come forward.

"We got a lot of scared people in North City who don’t want to speak up," she said.

Police tell News 4 they are looking into this case but they could not give an update at this time.

Jones was eventually taken to the hospital suffering from lacerations to her liver and kidney, and a fractured spine.

She's since recovered and said she’s thankful to have her life, but she would rest easier if her attacker was behind bars.

"I definitely want justice," Jones said.

If you have information about this case contact the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department at 314-231-1212.  

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