ST. LOUIS ( -- One woman is struggling to figure out what to do next after her home was struck by bullets Monday night.

Felicia Gilbert's home sits near Lillian Avenue and Interstate 70 in the Walnut Park East area of St. Louis. She told News 4 after being rocked out of bed by bullets, she's now faced with a very tough decision: livelihood and life.

"It's just like we're in the middle of war," Felicia Gilbert described.

Gilbert and her husband have lived in their North City home for 20 years. It's their first and only home they've ever owned, but sadly gunfire is something they've gotten used to.

Gilbert said, "but this time it just sounds like it was coming in the room with me."

And the gunfire was. About 11 o'clock Monday night, police said bullets were fired into the Gilbert's home.

"I jumped on the floor and I started crawling because my daughter was in the next room asleep," she said.

The bullets ripped a path through the home. They went through the front of the house, into the master bedroom and through the closet.

"I get up and we see all of these see the bullets that went through and pierced through at least four of my husband's jackets."

Gilbert told News 4 there is constant gunfire and crime in their area and they want to move because police can only do so much.

"I can't do this anymore, I can't. The police came today because it's a non-emergency and they took the report and just said if we find bullets to give them a call," Gilbert said.

The problem with leaving her neighborhood, Gilbert said the property value of their home is diminished because of all the deterioration and crime around them.

"You've situated a group of people families that don't have any hope."

Gilbert said her hope for a safe community is also lost.

"I just feel like I'm in the middle of Iraq with my house trying to be pleasant," she said.

St. Louis Metropolitan police said they are investigating and the city's crime prevention program, Cure Violence, is working in the Walnut Park East neighborhood to help stop crime before it starts.

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