O’FALLON, Mo. (KMOV.com) - Jennifer Dillion was diagnosed with tongue cancer in 2018, after she noticed a cold sore on her tongue.

Jennifer Dillon

Jennifer Dillon

“Right now I am basically in a non-curable stage,” said Dillon.

Within months, the cancer quickly spread to her lungs.

“I don’t smoke, I never have, like how does somebody like me end up with tongue cancer?” said Dillon.

After treatment, doctors removed that cancer but months later, Dillion’s doctors came back with more bad news, the cancer was in her spine.

“At this rate with the way things are going, I don’t feel like I’m going to be here to take care of them,” said Dillon.

Dillion said she’s unable to focus on her recovery because now she worries about the financial burden left on her husband and sons.

“Our salaries are so lopsided that there’s no way he could even afford own his own salary, my COBRA, and my life insurance, to have it, if and when I pass,” said Dillon.

Because of that her family and friends have started a GoFundMe page.

But, Dillion ultimately hopes her story can raise awareness about spotting tongue cancer earlier.

“I hope people will get themselves checked out more often because I would hate for them to suffer through what I have,” she said.

Dillion said her family is looking into if she can be placed on her husband’s insurance. To get life insurance, it will cost them around $900 a month.

She will start chemotherapy in a few weeks and her doctors said if her body responds to it, it could extend her life by 1-3 years.

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