ST. LOUIS ( -- It's been nearly a year now. You have donned masks, socially distanced from friends, adopted the word "curbside" into your vocabulary, and prayed for the day a vaccine would arrive. And then it did. And you registered for the shot of your dreams. In fact, you registered anywhere and everywhere you could find an application. You are not over 65, you do not have a pre-existing condition, so you wait. And wait. And wait.

Finally, the phone call comes. You have been accepted. Congratulations! But now, what about all those other registrations you have made? Will they be contacting you? Are you blocking a space for somebody else? What should you do? With more than a million people registered at various local locations, the entire vaccination process can use your help.

The best answer? It depends on where all you registered. News 4 has reached out to numerous registration locations to provide answers for you. 

Why Americans shouldn't turn their noses up at Johnson & Johnson's vaccine

Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center investigational pharmacy technician Sara Berech holds a dose of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine before it is administered in a clinical trial on December 15, 2020 in Aurora, Colorado.


Missouri's registration system is called the Navigator. If you registered and were accepted through the state, you will automatically be removed from their eligibility list once your vaccine is complete. The state encourages you to decline appointments and remove yourself from other lists once you have been vaccinated.


As of now, SSM is attempting to maintain contact with everyone on their registration list via phone calls. They have no way of knowing if you received the vaccine elsewhere. They encourage you to reach out. 


BJC is still developing a process for people to remove themselves from their system. Until they do, simply ignore any communications from them. 


Mercy will email you with an "opt out" button. If you have already received the vaccine elsewhere, simply opt out. They will keep sending you emails until you opt out. 


The county is asking that you let them know when they contact you that you have already received the vaccine. 


If you registered with them, the Jefferson County Health Department will be emailing you updates on your scheduling. If you have already received the vaccine elsewhere, there will be a disclaimer at the bottom of the email giving you the option to unsubscribe to future emails. Simply unsubscribe, and you will be taken off their list, and you will not hear from them again. 


If you completed their registration, but received a vaccine elsewhere, they are asking you to remove yourself from their database by emailing them at 

The bottom line, no matter where you registered, is the same: please remove yourself from registrations if you are no longer needing their vaccine. The next person in line will thank you.

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