How to know if you damaged your eyes during the eclipse


Doctors say symptoms of eye damage during an eclipse may not show up right away and that a quick look will not result in vision loss.

“Just even less than a couple of seconds isn’t going to cause any vision loss,” said Dr. Steven Couch, an ophthalmologist at Washington University. “It is a multitude of seconds, the prolonged exposure that you should be most worried about.”

Couch said if your eyes feel a little off after looking at the eclipse, that’s normal.

“Probably the most common concern we’ve heard is people who were effectively bothered, mostly any form of permanent damage,” said Couch.

Signs that anyone who looked at an eclipse should be worried about are a blurry vision or increased sensitivity to light.

Couch says any changes in sight, for better or worse, will happen within the next several days after an eclipse.

If you notice a problem, call your eye care provider.

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