ST. CHARLES (KMOV) – When Caitlin Thorne and Kaitlin Clutter found out about girls wrestling coming to St. Charles High School they jumped at the opportunity.

“I was really excited because I have been around wrestling for a couple of years,” said Clutter. “So when Coach Dill first started the girls’ team, I signed up right away.”

Prior to that, if they wanted to wrestle they would have to compete in the boys’ division.

“I have wanted to wrestle for a long time,” said Thorne. “But I just never wanted to wrestle guys so when they said they were starting girls’ wrestling, I knew that it was definitely something I wanted to try.”

Now the Pirates have made huge strides on the mat capturing the first District 2 Girls Wrestling Championship with Thorne and Clutter leading the way, both advancing to state.

“They've done everything we asked them just because they are girls we don't change anything,” said Dill. “This is the expectation to be successful and this is what we expect when you walk in this room .”

Coach Dill believes that one of the reasons why the girl's team has found success so quickly is because when they come to practice they work with and alongside the boys. He says that he has the same expectation for the as he does the boys.

“As far as the expectations for the athletes, they should all be the same, “ said Dill. “You want your athletes to meet high expectations whether it be male or female.”

The Pirates will continue to break barriers this season with four girls representing St. Charles in the first-ever Missouri girls wrestling championships next week. Competition will begin on Thursday in Columbia.

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