ST. LOUIS ( - When COVID-19 first hit, Congress approved federal funds for coronavirus relief, with St. Louis County receiving $173 million.

Bellefontaine Neighbors said it received roughly $746,000 to cover payroll, overtime and others public safety costs related to COVID-19.

"We had several test positive for coronavirus, they couldn't come to work but we had to pay them," said Bellefontaine Neighbors Mayor Tommie Pierson.

Pierson says that without the money, the city could not cover those bills without dipping into reserves, something other cities in St. Louis County have had to do. 

Of the $173 million allocated to St. Louis County, $23 million has gone to municipal relief. Another $19.6 million is dedicated to small business relief.

In Hazelwood, nearly $1.7 million will be used to defray public safety costs and according to the city manager, it will keep other services in tact that otherwise would be in jeopardy.

"For us, every dollar that comes in is used to provide services. If we have less dollars, that means less services. This money is helping us to maintain services as much as possible, that makes us different than the private sector," said Hazelwood City Manager Matt Zimmerman.

Even in communities that are considered affluent, federal money is covering bills that otherwise would fall on local taxpayers. In Ladue, nearly $600,000 will cover payroll and overtime needs. $15,000 covers masks, sanitizer and professional facility cleaning.

Some cities tell News 4 say more federal money is needed.

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