ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. ( -- Homeowners across St. Charles County are sounding the alarm about a local business. Multiple people tell News 4 they paid large deposits to Legendary Concrete operated by Thomas Stone and received nothing in return.

Dino Grasso and his wife hired Stone to pour a new patio. "We wanted stamped concrete, a different color," Grasso said. Despite putting down $2,580 upfront, Grasso said he received nothing for the money.

Roger Vogler of O'Fallon tells a similar story. "All he had to do was come in and put in the framework, no digging at all," he said. Vogler paid Stone $1,568, but received no materials or labor for the price.

"He called dig rite once," said Vogler.

After losing their deposits, both men started doing their own investigation of Legendary Concrete. Both men discovered court judgments against Stone and Legendary Concrete were piling up.

Stone is facing several judgments, one as high as $20,000. According to O'Fallon, Missouri police, there's a warrant out for Stone's arrest for felony stealing.

News 4 attempted to reach Stone at an address in St. Charles County, a home where some of the lawsuits were served. Stone's father answered the door and said his son was in court when reporter Chris Nagus showed up.

Off camera, Stone's father said he's encouraging his son to pay back previous customers and that Legendary Concrete was no longer in business. Stone's father said his son hasn't managed money well, but it wasn't his intention to take money from customers.

Previous customers tell News 4 they are also upset about a lack of communication. "He doesn't answer his phone," Vogler said.

Customers like Grasso say Stone appeared capable of doing good work. "His work in his defense, the pictures he showed us - supposedly his work - looked great," Grasso said. "That's why we hired him, but pictures aren't everything. Actions speak louder than pictures. Nothing happened."

Customers say they want their money back. News 4 did reach out to Stone. He did not want to appear on camera. Stone agreed to meet with Chris Nagus in person, but had to cancel because he said he was working.

Stone told News 4 he had some text messages he wanted to provide in support of his version of events. News 4 did not receive those text messages.

A follow up call to Stone this week was not returned.

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