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A Chesterfield couple has been battling their home warranty provider for months.

Paulette Kreisman and her husband obtained a policy through Choice Home Warranty in February.

According to Kreisman she obtained the warranty when her home was listed for sale earlier this year.

The Kreisman’s are currently in foreclosure and attempting a short sale on their home.

Kreisman said, “we’re living on social security so we don’t the money to repair or replace anything” and that’s the reason they obtained the warranty through Choice.

In July Kreisman’s dishwasher and one of her air conditioners broke, so she called her home warranty company.

Kreisman says neither has been fixed, and she’s unwilling to accept the $300 offered by Choice for her dishwasher.

She says her dishwasher costs more than $3,000 at the time it was purchased.

The home warranty offered to the Kreisman’s did not cost the couple any money out of pocket.

According to a company manager Choice offered the warranty at no cost, because it sometimes encourages sellers to recommend its product to buyers.

The company has a B– rating with the Better Business bureau.

Despite thousands of complaints to the BBB, a company manager told News 4 the overall number of complaints compared to the number of customers serviced is low.

News 4 began conversations with Choice Home Warranty regarding the Kresiman’s in mid July, but as of today (September 4th) Kreisman says the situation remains unresolved.

According to the Missouri Department of Insurance the agency’s authority is “somewhat limited” depending on the type of product sold and the contract entered into.

The agency is willing to answers questions or speak with consumers that call the Insurance Consumer Hotline at 800 726 7390.

Consumers can also file complaints with the Missouri or Illinois Attorney General’s office.

A Choice Home Warranty representative emailed a statement to News 4.

It reads, “Choice Home Warranty has serviced hundreds of thousands of claims in the last 12 months, that resulted in tens of millions of dollars in claim payments. All claims are handled with the expectation of delivering world class customer service. We regret that Ms. Kreisman was not satisfied with our resolution.”

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